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of Pszczyna Knights

Castle, events, restaurant

About Warownia


Warownia is a restaurant and a castle in one. It is a perfect place for everyone who wants to embark on an adventure, taste the Middle Ages and feel the Europe of knights’ ambience.

Pszczyna has always intensely benefited from the European tradition. From here, it was close to Cracow, Prague, Vienna, Berlin…. We decided to refer to history and created the unique Warownia Pszczyńskich Rycerzy.



Warownia was built as a response to sad reality, out of the need to create something exceptional and to fulfil a life’s dream. Thus, a place was established where everyone can feel good, a place which is different from others. A place where you want to return.

We would like to invite you to travel  back in time. Everyone who wants to move back to those times at least for a moment should visit Warownia. This is where time has stopped…



You can taste mouth-watering dishes here in Warownia.

Our cuisine is distinctive for the Polish tradition and at the same time rich in European influences. Naturally, healthy and originally – this is how we prepare dishes here.

Additionally, “Warowne” beer and other medieval beverages are sold exclusively in Warownia.

Visit us and taste the Middle Ages!



The architectural design of Warownia  reflects the era of prosperity, which the Middle Ages were for Pszczyna and the reign of Jan II Żelazny /John the Iron/ and Helena Korybutówna.

Warownia comprises rooms with the total area of 700 m2 and huge outdoor space. We used raw, natural materials and paid attention to details in order to highlight the medieval atmosphere of this place. 



We built a medieval playground near Warownia. It is perfect for little knights and princesses! Warownia facilitates family meetings!



Visit us – we regularly hold thematic events, which will get you directly back to the world of Middle Ages!